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3 Spheres of Confidence

A powerful tool to help build your confidence In this activity video you'll break down the idea of confidence into 3 different parts, and be breaking it down it will be easier for you to focus on taking the right kinds of action to build your confidence. So... grab a piece of paper and some [...]

Confidence: A video of reflections from Taqaddam Students

Taqaddam Students share their experience about confidence Click here for the ‘Confidence' video Created by Mostafa Badawy

The 3 Zones – Activity Video

Learn and grow by moving into your stretch zone A lot of the things we do in our daily life we are pretty confident and comfortable with. Then there are things that challenge and push us bit - things that need a bit of effort and courage. Sometimes though, we are challenged to do things [...]

What’s Your Story?

The most interesting part of a story is not whether you get what you want, but the journey you go on by trying. Thinking about your life as a story – thinking of yourself as the lead character in a story with ups and downs, challenges and successes - can help you recognise your strengths [...]

Photo Voice

Share the voice of your communities Through this activity, you will explore your communities in a creative way and create a photo collage to share with the world. We humans are a part of different groups – including because of where we live, through shared interests, and online. We share many things with these communities, [...]

Growth Mindset

Power up your learning and development! A mindset is our beliefs and how we think, and these beliefs influence how we behave, learn and grow. If we can develop more of a growth mindset then it can help us learn more effectively, and feel better about ourselves too. This activity introduces you to the idea [...]

Wellbeing – Supporting Others

Supporting Others - Activity Video This video gives you some advice and guidance on supporting others who are going through a hard time or struggling with their well-being. This is also great advice for looking after yourself too. Click here for the ‘Wellbeing - Supporting Others' Activity Video Created by Ishani Parekh

Nonviolent Communication

A simple and powerful way to deal positively with conflict It can be hard to express yourself in a positive way when you're angry or upset, and even small disagreements can sometimes grow into bigger arguments and conflict. This activity video takes you through some simple steps to help you say what you want to [...]

BVPS: Moving forward towards your goals

How to actually achieve your goals! Whatever goals you have, from the smallest 'to do' on your list to a major life ambition; or even about personal development or in your relationships... it really helps to have ways of breaking it down and taking positive steps forward. So, if you want to achieve, improve or [...]

Conflict Management Styles

When should you be a fox, or a turtle, or a shark? We all face situations where conflict arises, and its not always easy to know what to do. This resource shows you some of the different approaches to dealing with conflict, and in what kind of situations you might use them. Click here for [...]

Quality Worlds – Activity Video to help you meet you needs

Explore what matters to you and how you can meet your needs  Click here for the ‘Quality Worlds' activity video Created by Beth Godfrey