Developing life skills
for the future

Taqaddam gives you the opportunity to explore your strengths and skills, to support your learning and development. Explore Taqaddam and move forward with confidence. 

Explore life skills

Whether you realise it or not, you use life skills every day. They help you to connect, explore and navigate your world. Being aware of them means you can take control of your personal growth and development.

Face the Future

We don’t always know what the future holds but, with the right tools, we can embrace the opportunities that arise.  Get ready to Face the Future with three key missions in creativity, critical thinking and collaboration to help you to take your next steps.

Taqaddam in action

Taqaddam helps you to realise key life skills, like creativity, critical thinking and collaboration, which are crucial for future personal and professional lives. Supported by a programme of workshops, webinars and social action projects, Taqaddam is helping young people to move forward with confidence.

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Discover our stories

Explore our gallery and success stories to see how Taqaddam has helped young people since the programme launched in 2015.

I just would like to say that Taqaddam was and will always be a life-changing experience. I’m a totally different person. At first I was terrified to even speak, but now I’m a million times better. The activities are amazing and made me discover things in myself that I never knew

Taqaddam participant

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