Our mission

Our mission is to deliver high quality life skills education that supports young people to move forward with confidence into the future, with the skills they need to flourish in life, work and society.

We work with educators to help young people gain greater self-awareness, feel more connected with others, and develop crucial life skills that help them navigate the future and take ownership of their personal learning and development.

We want students to leave the programme with:

  • Increased self-awareness
  • Greater sense of confidence in themselves and their future
  • Increased capacity for creativity, critical thinking and collaboration
  • Greater confidence and capacity for social leadership and action
  • Greater ownership, skills and tools for ongoing personal development

How does it work?

Student workshops – bringing together groups of up to 80 students from across the country, led by facilitators from the UK and the MENA region

Life skills classes – delivered in schools by teachers who are trained and supported by the Taqaddam team

Team projects – students designing and piloting social action ideas and presenting them at an annual national showcase event, ‘Make It Happen’.”

Personal Missions – self-directed missions in the Taqaddam Handbook prompting action, reflection and connection


Taqaddam in action

Take a look at how Taqaddam works

The Learner Journey describes the learning experience and how we work towards Taqaddam’s vision and outcomes. The learning is structured into 4 interconnected modules that provide a clear path for young people.


My Life: This module is about getting to know yourself better. You will explore your values, purpose, confidence and communities, and build strong foundations for your personal development.

My Life Skills: This module is about exploring your life skills and growing your creativity, critical thinking and collaboration. Developing your life skills not only supports your personal and professional life but also enables a more meaningful interaction with the world.

Make it Happen: This module will give you practical tools for social action and leadership. By reflecting on what matters to you and putting your life skills into action, you can make a positive difference in the world.

Moving Forward: This module is about moving forward with confidence. Here you will think about what all this means for you and your future.


Where to next?

Check out the Life Skills pages to find out more about what life skills are, why they’re important and how you or the young people you work with, can build life skills.