Putting Life Skills into Action

Taqaddam was such a good experience to go through it. I will be very honest and spontaneous writing this paragraph, without being formal or without overreacting!

I can see how I am different now. I feel more confident and I can share my ideas easily. Let me share a short story with you, in my first course in university I was taking one course with a doctor who loves sudden presentations. No preparation expected. All the students felt afraid of that moment. But, I had always presented simply without fears, and he was always complimenting me for being this brave. And after the that course, the doctor and the head of our major had chosen and invited me to attend the preparatory forum for the second international conference on sustainability and flexibility with the engineer Esam bin Abdullah Khalaf. And also, asked me to participate in international competition for presentation skills in Bahrain society of engineers. I was over the moon to improve a product to make life safer in Bahrain (img 1,2,3) and it was easy for me because we did something similar in taqaddam.

So, I was not really thinking that I will be spotted in university as I used in school. But due to the skills I gained from this program I feel I am ready to deal with different communities!

Thank you! I think this change is a must for all the students around Bahrain!

Zainab Hassan, Student, Jidhafs Secondary Girls School