Using the Taqaddam Website

So, how does the Taqaddam website work? Each week you will delve into one of the five strengths – you will attend a Taqaddam class and complete missions in your handbook and online, earning strength badges as you go. The missions will help you to think about and build your awesome and unique character strengths. In order to do this properly is it super important that you take time over the missions and do not rush through them. Otherwise the missions just won’t work!

Here are the five character strengths…

If you complete three missions, in your handbook and then online, you will earn the strength badge. If you complete four missions that strength badge will become Bronze. If you complete five missions your badge will become Silver. And if you complete all six missions, you will get the Gold Strength Badge.

If you are a Taqaddam Student, the badges you have at the end of the programme will count towards your Make It Happen! project too!