Taqaddam, Arabic for ‘moving forward’, is an innovative programme that supports the development of life skills with young people and their educators across several countries in the Middle East and North Africa. It is designed to equip young people with a wide set of enduring personal and professional strengths and skills that will help enable them to lead successful and fulfilling lives.

The programme does not aim to give young people skills focused specifically on employment as many initiatives do. Rather, Taqaddam helps develop the character strengths and soft skills they need to flourish in life and work.

Teachers stand to gain a huge amount from Taqaddam. Amongst other things, the programme sets out to build confidence and capability in delivering classes on life skills; to develop an understanding of the value and importance of social and emotional skills; and to cultivate a productive and supportive national teacher network, which ultimately seeks to improve wider teaching practice.

“You should do this more often for teachers, not just students. It was such an amazing workshop. Thank you all for your great efforts.”
Teacher, Qatar

“The programme reinforces what we do in the classroom, in a different environment and with a range of students from different backgrounds.”
Teacher, UAE