“Every child is an artist. The problem is staying an artist when you grow up.”

Pablo Picasso

Creativity is using the imagination to explore the world in new ways, create something original and express yourself.

You are creative. Everyone is creative. We all use creativity every day in some way, creativity is not just for the artists and musicians. Scientists, engineers, teachers, doctors and farmers all use creativity in their work to develop new ideas, approach problems and in how they engage with the people they work with. 

Creativity also helps us to express thoughts and feelings and has led us to some amazing scientific and technological developments that have shaped and influenced the world around us.

We need a bigger definition of creativity

“There’s no such thing as a creative type”

Everyone can be creative

“The more we see the creativity all around us, the more we are able to appreciate the creativity inside ourselves”

So you see, everyone is creative. 

Take a moment to think about…

• How does a teacher use creativity?

• How does a parent use creativity?

• How does a friend use creativity?

Developing your creativity

There is so much creativity in the world. We have so many songs, stories, buildings, books, pictures, products, ideas and recipes all filled with creativity. But creativity is also more than these things.

It is experiential, playful, joyful, scary, disruptive, and messy. Creativity is art and science. It’s a way of living, a way of thinking and a habit you can develop. 

Developing your creativity will be a journey of creativity in itself! 

We know that these this one thing above all else will develop your creativity…

Expressing yourself!

Someone once said that art is having something to say and a creative way to say it.

Your mission is to use your creativity to share something that is meaningful to you.

STEP 1: Grab a piece of paper and write…

“I want the world to know…”

STEP 2: Take a moment to think about it and then complete the sentence

STEP 3: Now you have your message to the world. It’s time to get creative with it.

Use the random idea generator below to decide on how you could share that idea.

But before you press the button, take a moment to promise yourself that you won’t press the button more than 3 times before you actually do this creative form of expression.

STEP 4: Follow the creative idea through and express your message to the world!

Now take a photo of what you’ve done and click below