We are living in an ever more connected and challenging world. Globalisation and technology are bringing about huge changes in the workplace and beyond. Young people like you need skills to learn and create for work and life, not just at school. A big part of this is understanding more about yourself, being willing to try new things, and taking time to think about how new situations make you feel.

“It taught me a lot about how it’s okay to fail. The online missions affected me the most because they made me think about stuff I would have never thought about, in a good way. I also loved the sessions at school. It was such a confidence booster.”
Student, Kuwait

Taqaddam takes you on a journey of self-discovery, giving you the time and space to think about what is really important in your life. Taqaddam takes you out of your comfort zone and encourages you to try new things and meet different people. Taqaddam asks you to think about your community and how you, as a young leader, can help the world become a better place.

“The best thing about Taqaddam is that they talk with you about real life skills that you need in the present and will need in the future.”
Student, Egypt

We want to see a world where young people like you have all the tools you need to feel confident, motivated and to be successful in work and life.