Taqaddam is an interactive programme that helps young people discover and grow important character strengths and soft skills. With participants drawn from seven countries across the Middle East and North Africa region, Taqaddam is a truly diverse programme.

“When I first joined Taqaddam, I was so nervous and was lacking in everything. Now look at me. My parents also saw a GREAT change in me, while I was also teaching them about what I had learnt that day when I went home after both the workshops. Today I am super skilled and full of strengths. Now, if someone asks me a question, I am not afraid of telling them that I don’t know.”
Student, UAE

We combine online learning with practical face-to-face workshops for young participants and their teachers, ending the programme with an exciting inter-school event. The aim of Taqaddam is not to give young participants skills focused specifically on employment, as many programmes do, but rather to provide them with a wider set of enduring skills that they will need to be more successful and better prepared for life.

We can help you support your child by providing the development and learning opportunities they need to prepare for the next stage of their lives. The Parent Guide has been provided to inform and inspire you to support the young people in your life discover the strengths and skills they need. If you do not have your Parent Guide yet, please ask your child’s Taqaddam teacher for a copy.

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Make it Happen!

Make it Happen! is part of the Taqaddam programme. Students use the strengths and skills they have built up during the programme to create a project that will make their communities better, kinder and happier places.