Reinforcing Life Skills

Life skills are interconnected and mutually reinforcing. You grow one, you grow others.

For example, developing communication skills can increase your confidence, and also, if you become more confident, you can improve your communication skills. Likewise, improving collaboration can build leadership; growing creativity can improve critical thinking; critical thinking can build resilience, determination and confidence…

It’s amazing how this web of life skills impacts how we learn and grow – reinforcing each other, sometimes in obvious ways and other times in more subtle but profound ways.

In doing this activity you will explore how your life skills are interconnected so that you can be more aware of them… so you can grow them!

STEP 1. From the list below, choose 3 life skills that you feel you are good at and write them down.

STEP 2. Now find 3 that you would like to improve and write those down too.

STEP 3. Great! Now we will explore the ways in which the ones you are good at can build on the ones that you would like to improve

Look at these examples below:

Good at: Resilience
Would like to improve: Debate
How? I could use my resilience when I am finding debate difficult.

Good at: Analysis
Would like to improve: Communication
How? I could record myself doing a speech and then write down 10 analytic points to improve my communication.

Good at: Confidence
Would like to improve: Responsibility
How? I could use my confidence to push myself into taking responsibility for something.


If you are really struggling to make a connection, that’s ok. Try to link some different life skills together in this way.


You could explore how really interconnected life skills are by doing these bonus activities:

• Choose 2 life skills and see how they are reinforce each other.

• Choose 3 life skills and see how they improve each other in a cycle

• Can you link 5 together?

Now take a photo of what you’ve done and click below