Making a Difference

Change is the only constant in life.

True! So, we need to accept and be comfortable with that.

But if we also want to change some things in specific ways, how can we do that?

First of all, let’s take a look at how change happens

It seems a simple question, but we rarely stop to think about it. And there are lots of different beliefs and ideas about what the ‘best’ ways are.

World leaders can agree that no one should go hungry or that everyone should have equal rights – that’s the easy bit! The HOW is the hard bit. That’s because change can be complex, happen in so many different ways and what we do is influenced by our values and beliefs.

First of all, take a moment to think through these questions

– How have you changed over the years? What influenced these changes?

– What changes have you seen in your life? Think as specifically as possible. For example, in your country, or in trends, fashions and with technology.

– Think of one particular example of change that you have seen, and think of all the different ways that came about.

– What changes have you tried to make happen / or made happen? How did you do it?

How does change happen?

That’s a lot of different ideas!

Making change happen

Here we’ll look at the different ways that change can happen and how it’s important to consider the different approaches depending on what you’re trying to change.

STEP 1: Consider all of these ways of making change happen

Education – What happens in schools, colleges and universities

Charity – Money going to groups and organisations to do the work

Connecting people – Bringing people together to understand and work with each other

Business and finance – What companies and businesses do

Social action and volunteering – Individuals giving time to act for a cause they care about

Campaigns – Large group actions towards a common goal

Politics and law – Changing laws and policies

Public awareness – Everyone understanding the issue

Equality – Everyone having equal rights and an equal say

Personal attitudes and beliefs – Changing in individuals’ hearts and minds

Faith – People feeling more connected to their faith

Innovation – New ideas, in all parts of society

STEP 2: Write down this global issue

Tackling climate change in my country

STEP 3: Write down what you believe are the 3 most effective ways of…

…tackling climate change in your country and why.

For instance you could say, “education, because if young people in schools, colleges and universities, don’t know about the effects of climate change, they will not want to be a part of the solution”

STEP 4: Consider the list of how change happens again and now write down what you believe are the 3 most effective ways of…

…reducing discrimination between different groups and why.

STEP 5: Consider the list of how change happens again and now write down what you believe are the 3 most effective ways of…

…stopping bullying in schools and why.

STEP 6: Notice how change happens for different things depending on the thing you want to change.


How do YOU Make it Happen?

As you’ve seen, change happens in lots and lots of different ways, and the approach you take depends on what it is that you want to change.

So, it starts with this… What do you want to change?

Before you answer, take a few moments to reflect on a few things from previous missions:
– Your purpose and values
– All your communities that you mapped
– What excites you
– All the life skills you have

These are the things that can help you focus on what it is you might want to do, and how you can be an effective changemaker.

Now… is there anything you would like to improve, challenge or change?

Maybe or maybe not right now, but you’ve made an excellent start! And all the missions in this section will help you think about this.

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