The life skills app for personal development

Taqaddam is a life skills programme that supports young people to flourish in life, work and society. We’ve developed this app so that everyone can benefit from the life-changing magic of life skills. 

What are life skills?

Life skills are the skills we need to make the most of life – like creativity, collaboration and critical thinking. They are attitudes and abilities that support personal growth, confidence and a deeper, more meaningful interaction with the world.

You already have loads of life skills – you use them every day, all the time! Through Taqaddam you will find them and grow them.

The life skills missions

There are 30 missions, divided into 4 sections that take you on a personal development journey.

My Life – Thinking about me and my world
My Life Skills – Understanding and growing my life skills
Make it Happen – Putting my life skills into practice
Moving Forward – Preparing to take the next steps in life

You can pick and choose which missions suit you, but we recommend going module by module and following them in order so that you get the best experience. You can also keep an eye on your progress in your profile section.

Alongs the way, that you’re going to come across these icons…

Each of these icons is to prompt you to either grab a pen and some paper, reflect or take a photo of what you’ve done.

We encourage you to share your missions with the wider Taqaddam community using #taqaddam

This app encourages you to reflect on the ups and downs of life, and while it offers some ideas about dealing with tough times there is no substitute for talking to someone. If you’re finding things hard or if anything difficult comes up for you while you’re on the app, you can email the Taqaddam team at . We’ll be able to direct you towards people or organisations that can help.

You can also use this contact if you have any technical issues or questions about the app. We’d love to hear from you.

If you’d like to find out more about Taqaddam, you can visit our website by clicking on our logo here: