The Taqaddam Life Skills App

Packed with 30 interactive missions for personal development.

“In short, the missions and the whole app are perfect!”

Your journey through the missions are split across these 4 themes:

My Life, where you will gain greater self-awareness and explore values, confidence and purpose. My Life Skills, where you will discover and grow your life skills, including creativity, critical thinking and collaboration. Make it Happen is where you put your life skills into action, for example in public speaking and digital storytelling. Moving Forward supports you with the confidence and tools to continue to learn and grow into the future.

Your life skills play a critical role in your personal, professional and community life. Through Taqaddam you will get to know them and grow them!

This app has been developed by the British Council and HSBC Bank Middle East Limited through their life skills programme – Taqaddam – and is designed to help young people develop essential skills for life, work and society.

This app has been designed to enhance the experience for the Taqaddam programme participants, as well as any young person across the world, looking to upskill for their future.

“It’s so good and informative, the videos and the missions are so fun and worth in addition, it helps the reader to develop a more knowledge about his abilities skills and behavior”

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