Thank you for the great ideas and innovative solutions submitted by students from across the Middle East and North Africa to the Make It Virtual competition!

Plantium – Lebanon

Flood Alarm – Oman

Smart Stick for the Visually Impaired – Oman

Optical Magic Screen – Oman

Kuwait Sandstorm Alert Network – Kuwait

No to Violence Against Women – Kuwait

Sensory Hugs – UAE

Reading Club – UAE

Fighting Poverty: Baking Bread with Eggshells – Egypt

Dare to Dream – Egypt

Gaming Can Be Useful– Bahrain

Think Twice – Bahrain

And the winners of the Make It Virtual competition are:

In 1st place:

Smart Stick for the Visually Impaired – Oman

Think Twice – Bahrain

In 2nd place:

Flood Alarm – Oman

In 3rd place:

Sensory Hugs – UAE

For all winners and participants in the Make It Virtual competition, please contact your country Taqaddam teams for more information.